Workday blues and when it is time for a sabbatical

8.00 am – alarm rings. I don’t want to hear it and turn around. Just a little bit longer, I managed it pretty well to know the exact time, as to when I can lay my head on the pillow and sleep for some more minutes. I know it is luxurous to even be able to sleep until after 8 a.m. BUT since I stay in the office just as long you might not be that jealous anymore.

8.12 am – snooze.

8.24 am – I guess I have to get up….

9.05 am – Taking the metro to work. I am often looking at people’s faces. It is funny to see that they don’t even realize I am actually starring at them. All they see is only their phone in front of them, giving them backpain and a sore neck at the end of the day because they bend over in the way where you know it will hurt them at some point. When I look at these people I feel like they are not participating in life. Don’t get me wrong, of course they are alive – but what are they doing with their time? Exactly. Staring at their phone, responding to useless whatsapp conversations that mean nothing and would better be kept in the „trash folder“ of the phone (if it would have one). When I look at people in the morning in the metro, I see victims of technology, not being able to escape this ongoing tec circus we see in this century, and just smiling at the people who look at you. Just one smile, and you have a good conversation going. Or just a good start in the day. It’s that easy, why is no one interested in this type of conversation anymore?

9.45 am – Arriving at work, unpacking breakfast, getting a first coffee and read the newspaper. The day could not start better.

10.50 am – Just ordered lunch online before it was too late. Now I don’t have to go out and use my hour lunchbreak to find something eatable but can completely relax.

13.30 pm – lunch

15.00 pm – I see some people not really wanting to work anymore. Coffeebreaks in the kitchen tend to be longer and longer.

18.00 pm It’s crazy, but now no one wants to work anymore. I start getting annoyed because I would still like to concentrate but the noises are just getting louder and louder.

18.30 Done work. It’s funny how corporate life works. You can really see so many different characters. For example, there is me: I do my work, and when I am done, I go home. Why being at work when you don’t have anything more to do? Just to stay for fun? No thanks. I am definitely not like my co-workers, because I normally leave as one of the first people in my team. I definitely am surrounded by people who stay at work for several different reasons: some have found such friendships at work that they just enjoy being at work because it is time spent with friends. Others just want to stay to get the next promotion. And then there are the people who just don’t like to go home. Because they have stress in the family or with their partner, because they feel alone at home, or because they have nothing to do and rather spend the time in the office surrounded by people.

18.35 pm – Metro. No one is looking at each other. It is starting to creep me out.

19.10 pm – Finally made it home. Now the good part of the day begins.

Until I have to wake up again at 8.00 am… Same old.