How can I start my preparation for a sabbatical? 

A good preparation for a sabbatical is exactly what most people are fearing of and don’t know how to start. Because most people don’t have the time to do so. Sadly, when facing the challenges of preparation, most already back off completely from the idea of taking a sabbatical. One of the main challenges we have experienced with a lot of people is that all of them are willing to do a sabbatical, but almost none of them has a detailed preparation on hand showing them the way to success step-by-step. Most articles you find online will always tell you the same information: why people want to take a sabbatical, what they want to do with the time, that you have to have some finances available, and that coming back will be challenging. These articles do not help the person wishing to break out from their current state –  but rather scare them. Thus, only a few people finally decide to challenge themself and find information on their own – which will take up a lot of time, which only few will have.

A sabbatical does not have to stay a dream.

But there is a happy news as well, because we have dedicated our energy and time to give advice where it is needed. We want to inform more deeply about everything you have to know regarding sabbaticals. Find interesting blog articles surrounding the topic of a time-out from life, prepare your journey step-by-step and get useful advice so your sabbatical will become real. We will help you get you where you want to be and fulfil your dream.

Before preparing further for a sabbatical you should take some time thinking about why you need a break and what you actually want to do with the free time. Start getting to know yourself a little bit better and try to understand what you have been missing in the last years. Why do you feel the urge to take a sabbatical? Afterwards, you can define your personal “Sabbatical Goal” and start planning more in detail.