5 lessons learned after taking a sabbatical

Whatever things you have stressed about before are not that important anymore when you come back.

As soon as you break out from your routine for a while you will see things from a completely different perspective. You will notice details you have not been able to see before and realize that other things are way more important than the problems you were trying to handle before taking a sabbatical. You will experience that the truly important things in life happen outside of work and you will start focusing on them even more.

A sabbatical will lead you to new inspiration.

When you break out of your usual habits and start meeting new people, these connections will bring a fresh wind in your life and lead you to different thoughts and experiencing new things. When you come back from a sabbatical you will be filled with new ideas and projects you want to make happening.


Not a lot of things will have changed when you return.

When you took some time to get away and travelled the world you will come back to your home and realize that everyting is exactly as it was before. While you have seen the most magnificent places in the world and talked to the most interesting people, at home everyone will have followed their routine. This is the “crunchtime” in which you will determine which parts of your old life are worth keeping and which parts are worth replacing.


There are more people living an interesting and unconventional lifestyle as you thought.

Once you break out of your life you will be surprised to see how many people are in the world that live a life which is sooo far away from the normal and they are still living pretty well outside of the status quo. You were able to connect to new people by having something in common, that you were not able to find with anyone in your old life. These new connections will help you achieving the new goals you have set yourself.


Connecting with new people comes easy when you’re happy and free.

You will be surprised of how many new friends you will make when you are taking a sabbatical.  Once you are happy and free and you only do what you like, you will enjoy interesting conversations and you have fun moments to share. Positive interaction with others is one of the things that make humans happy, and a sabbatical is the perfect start for it.