100 Sabbatical Ideas


A lot of times after being in a routine for years it is not at all easy to know, what to actually do with so much free time. We are so used to doing what we are actually doing (meaning spending too much time of our lives at work, pleasing others etc.) that we don’t even know anymore what to do with ourselves when we have some extra time left. But to gain personal happiness it is so important that we are listening to our hearsts and giving us also time for ourself to wonder and hear if we are in need for something else. If we are giving our interests enough time to feel balanced in our lives where stress can dominate our time. We need to pursuit happiness, and enjoy every minute that we are blessed to live in this world.

What would you do, if you would only have a couple of months left to live?

Often this thought can help in realizing what is actually important to us in lives and what is totally unnecessary. If you ask yourself this question, you will realize very quickly that you are one of those people (and most of the people are) that are spending so much time doing things that are really not that important to you. And I am referring myself especially to long working hours and trying to pursue a carreer that – looking from the outside – might seem perfect, but looking inside, actually make even unhappier than taking on a less carreer-driven job. If you ask yourself what you would actually do with the little time you would have left in this world, this is when your real aspirations and dreams come forward. Listen to them. You can only live a joyful live when you go with what makes you happy the most. Work is not everything in life!

To give you some inspirational thoughts we have put together 100 Sabbatical Ideas with Links, so you will hopefully being able to create your personal sabbatical:

  1. Travel the world
  2. Get to know new cultures
  3. Write a book
  4. Become part of a local organization
  5. Learn to play an instrument
  6. Participate in a dancing course
  7. Participate in a painting course
  8. Renovate your house / apartment
  9. Learn a new language
  10. Write poems
  11. Seek further education in different areas
  12. Use the timeout to see your kinds grow
  13. Foster family members
  14. Slow down your daily life and relax a lot
  15. Help at a NGO (local or international)
  16. Participate in a fotography course
  17. Intern in a completely different field
  18. Take time focussing on things that were important in your adulthood
  19. Take time being with friends and family
  20. Get to know your partner in different, new ways
  21. Just take time to do nothing at all
  22. Think of a fitness goal and achieve it
  23. Explore your country with the bike
  24. Go on a pilgrimage
  25. Travel with your favorite musicians and see concerts all over the world
  26. Travel without knowing where to go. Let the travel lead your journey.
  27. Teach your personal skills to someone else
  28. Take a longterm meditation course or a meditational silence course for a couple of days
  29. Start your own Online-Shop
  30. Start writing your own blog
  31. Open a Youtube-Channel
  32. Wirte your own article and start getting published
  33. Prepare for opening up your own company
  34. Start crafting and build something with your hands
  35. Write a letter to yourself organizing your future goals in life
  36. Bring your music collection up to date
  37. Get a pet
  38. Recocile with people you fought
  39. Let your material wishes finally come true
  40. Drink a tee and wait for the unknown to happen 😉
  41. Cure your illness
  42. Organize a big party, one that you always wanted to have but never did
  43. Pass your knowledge on to younger generations
  44. Change your outer appearance drastically
  45. Become expert in one area that you are interested in
  46. Change your job
  47. Change / quit your relationship
  48. Start studying something new
  49. Dare something, that you normally would never think of doing (Bungee-Jump etc.)
  50. See wild animals in the real nature (and not in a zoo)
  51. Go travel to the northpole
  52. Detox your body and start living healthy
  53. Fast for a specific period of time
  54. Change our bad habits
  55. Forgive someone that really hurt you
  56. Live in the place that you love to go travelling to
  57. Safe a humans life (for example by becoming godparent)
  58. Help a homeless person having a better life
  59. Help another person changing his life
  60. Donate an organ or blood
  61. Publish your own CD
  62. Shoot a movie
  63. Start looking into early retirement options and plan ahead
  64. Finally pay off your mortgage and own property
  65. See your grandkids grow
  66. Find a partner if your dreams
  67. Adopt a child
  68. Learn to cook
  69. Compat one of your inner fears (fear of flying, claustrophobia, fear of animals etc.)
  70. Reinvent yourself
  71. Review your career goals
  72. Support your partner in daily routines
  73. Engage yourself politically
  74. Change someting in your local community
  75. End the “long distance” in your long distance relationship
  76. Move to a foreign country
  77. Participate in a management-exchange program
  78. Explore your family history
  79. Help in an organization focussing on animals
  80. Provide your knowledge to a startup company
  81. Travel with family members to see their relatives in foreign countries
  82. Accomplish a triathlon
  83. Participate in a photography course
  84. Help out on a farm
  85. Climb a high mountain (it does not have to be the Mount Everest right away)
  86. Give courses in a prison
  87. Protest on the streets for your values
  88. Clear out your live, not only material, but also immaterial
  89. Live / Camp in nature
  90. Develop a new product and let it get protected by patent
  91. Plan a new company project that can change your employer in a positive way
  92. Invest in something, improve something and sell it afterwards
  93. Buy a summer residence
  94. Study Buddhism at a monasty in India
  95. Buy a random flightticket and travel without plans
  96. See the best football club live
  97. Craft your own beer
  98. Travel on a motorbike (not only Route 66 is interesting)
  99. Get a boating licence
  100. Focus 100% on your family

This is only a small list of things that you can fill your free time with on your sabbatical. Of course each and every sabbatical, like each and every life is completely dependent on the personal interests and believes. The purpose of a sabbatical is that with the free time that you give yourself, you should not only focus on a job and career, but also on other aspects in life, which are equally important. The balance between work, family, health and leisure time creates mental stabilitiy and rest for our souls.

Every sabbatical is a new beginning. Even if we go back to our old life, to our old jobs (because, let’s be honest, not everything needs to have been falling apart to go on a sabbatical), something inside of us will have changed. Life is full of positive moments. A sabbatical will help you “see” these moments again and hopefully you will never be that blind again at work all the time.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your sabbatical today.